Tuesday, June 2, 2009

100% Positive Mindset will "Just Do It"

The best advice ever given to someone looking to be successful is JUST DO IT!
Does that make your angry? or does it make you say YES, I knew that?!!
It's 100% positive abundant mindset combined with a JUST DO IT take action attitude that will lead you to success.

Let's be clear on a few things:

What is our big WHY?
Your WHY: Be clear on exactly what you want to achieve from your work. Write it down and clear, visual, measurable terms.

Is there another way to achieve your big WHY?
Go ahead, research all ways to achieve your goal. That way you will eliminate all ways to get to your goal and be clear that there is only one way.

What is holding you back?
Is it money, is it your attitude - are you negative, do you believe you can?

Do you believe you deserve it?
Your WHY might be huge, and so huge that you can't even imagine reaching your goal. Almost dreamlike. If this is the case, you might not even believe you will attain it and don't believe you deserve it. Therefore, you will probably not reach your goal.

Your thoughts could be holding you back!!!

Interestingly enough, it's actually your thoughts that are helping or hurting your business or success in anything. Your mindset must be 100% in the game, 100% abundant, and 100% success. It doesn't matter about anything else. You can sell or market anything with an abundant mindset. You can use any system and you will come out on top. You can work with the most negative people and achieve success from your own effort because of your mindset.

Your mindset and your "Just Do It" attitude is the key to success in any endeavor. Work on mindset and you will find you will "Just Do It" automatically.