Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"There is no such thing as a natural born champion"

Friday, August 21, 2009

"I promise you this, if you follow your "true" bliss, treat people with respect, be kind and provide quality services, then you will become successful. And more importantly, you will become a beautiful person."
Chris Dines.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If It's Not the Money, Then WHY Do We Do What We Do?

Your real “WHY” is never the money.

Answering these questions may help you find your “WHY”.
• What does your family mean to you?
• What do you want for your own personal growth?
• What you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
• What scares you to death?
• What would it mean to you to help others change their lives?

Take your time in answering these questions. You will find your reason why you do what you do, why you really want to do if you are not doing it, and how you really want to have some "fun."

Family: For most, family is the reason why they work from home, create additional income sources, work overtime, get more jobs or less work and spend less. We all want to be with family more and to have fun with them more. All this requires more money!

Personal Growth: If we are not learning, we have stopped living. Most of us want to continue learning and growing into better people. Maybe we want to learn more about our hobby or something scientific or how to help others. We always want to learn more! This requires time and time is actually something we buy or it buys us... With greater earnings, we can decide how we spend our time and with less, we have to work overtime.

Accomplishment: What would you really like to accomplish in this life? This takes a deep contemplation and meditation or maybe you already know it. Usually, it's something you are really passionate about. A huge accomplishment takes time, which is earned through money... yet another reason to have more money!

Fear: What are you really scarred about? Maybe you are currently living out your worst nightmare, working long hours and spending little time at home. Or creating huge debt. Maybe you are scarred to do something different than your friends and family? Maybe you are scarred to speak to someone, who seems bigger than you. We all have fears. It's all normal. It's what you do with them that really counts. If they paralyze you, then you stop growing and living to the fullest. Just face the fear and you will overcome!

Helping others means a lot!! Doesn't it feel great to help others?! To show others a better life or way of having fun or something else. Just visualize for a moment what you would do to help someone, write it down and act on it. Helping people takes time too and time is money. By creating more money, you will create more time to enjoy helping others!!

By now, you probably figured out your "WHY." Now take some action on your why and have an abundant life!

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Albert Schweitzer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Laughter is the corrective force which prevents us from becoming cranks." Henri Bergson.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ultimate Success Formula for Business Professionals and Us Normal Folks

The ultimate success formula: Action.... Feedback.... Correction

Everyone makes mistakes. Business people, non business people, in regular lives make mistakes. It's what you do with mistakes that's most important. You can choose to be upset with your mistake and not try again. Or you could understand what happened and learn from the mistake.

Remember, it's a mis-take. You can change that! You can hit the ball this time, hit it far into the outfield. We all miss sometimes. Do we admit it? Do we understand why we miss something? Go ahead, admit your mistakes - it's ok!

This is how business professionals, marketers, sales professionals get real results and still make plenty of mistakes.

This is the ultimate success formula: Action... Feedback... Correction.
1. Take action now. Don't put it off, just do it.
2. Feedback: Understand and learn what happened from your mistakes and successes.
3. Correction: Take corrections after mistakes and make it better and better.

Use the ultimate success formula. You will find success today and always.

"Sincere forgiveness isn't colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don't worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time-just like it does for you and me."

Sara Paddison.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Power is the ability to do good things for others.
Brooke Astor

The major block to compassion is the judgment in our minds. Judgment is the mind's primary tool of separation.

Diane Berke.

Friday, August 14, 2009

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going... It's as simple as that."
Earl Nightingale.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"The road to happiness lies in two simple principles; find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it - every bit of energy and ambition and Natural ability you have."

John D. Rockefeller.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Business Choices... Getting Ready to Get Ready Syndrome

"Each moment offers of the choice of whether to separate or join. That is the only choice we have faced before and the only choice we will ever face. Unfortunately, we do not remember the pain of separation or the bliss of joining." Everyday Wisdom.

When you first had the idea of starting a business, you had an incredible burning "Why" desire. You knew exactly what you wanted to earn and what you would do with the money. You were excited of the prospect of you being the boss for a change.

Then, you searched and searched. Finally, you found the right business and products to fit you. You jumped in, very excited and started working. Or did you? Did you get to work right away or did you start by learning and learning and learning....? Also called: "getting ready to get ready."

"Getting Ready to Get Ready"
This is when you learn all you can, make many projects, and in the end, take no action. You might know it all but haven't used any of the information you learned or worked on.

Get rid of your "Getting ready to get ready" attitude with remembering why you joined or started your business in the first place.

  • Get back in touch with your Why: Why you got started in your business in the first place. Write it down, visualize, get emotional, get back in touch.
  • Remember that failure was never an option and isn't now!
  • Take one small step away from getting ready. Just take one action today, don't put it off another day longer.
  • Visualize your success and take more and more action. More action is fun!

Use your "joining" energy today, take action on your business, your home business or job, and be the most abundant action driven person!

"Each moment offers of the choice of whether to separate or join. That is the only choice we have faced before and the only choice we will ever face. Unfortunately, we do not remember the pain of separation or the bliss of joining."

Everyday Wisdom.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"What you always do before you make a decision is consult. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted. Then, once policy is determined, you call on them to help you sell it." Elizabeth Dole.

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Let go of the idea that you're a body that's destined to die, and instead seek an awareness of your immortal self. Affirm: I am eternal, and that means that I showed up here from the infinitude of spiritual intention to fulfill a destiny that I must act on." Wayne Dyer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Create a Simple Abundance Mentality

We all deserve abundance. Do you believe that? Just think, if you were to have plenty of money, you would choose how simple your life would be. You would choose the simple things in life or choose to "do it all," thus complicating life. Rather than achieving it all and complicating life from having plenty of money, let's look at the simple life, from achieving the simple abundance mentality.

This simple life would allow you to do what you want, when you want. Work when you want, employ partners or outsource. Vacation when and where you want. Give your kids all that you want to give them, without complicating their lives. And allow you to relax after a nice lunch date with a friend. Going out as you want, but not every night. That's achieving simple abundance.

Anyone can achieve simple abundance, it only takes daily practice and the right mentality. Here are some steps to achieving a simple abundance mentality that will lead you to your simple abundance:

1. Define what your simple abundant life would look and feel like.
2. Visualize this daily.
3. Write it down and repeat it daily.
4. Write down your actions that will lead to your abundance.
5. Mastermind with someone who is already there, a mentor.
6. Most important!!! Take action each and every day, keeping in mind that you are reaching for your simple abundant life. Not a special car or status symbol, but a simple and abundant lifestyle.

Each day, you will act as if you already have the simple abundant life. You will carry the simple abundance mentality with you as you take action on the tasks that will get you there. Start today and you will find yourself in a newly designed life sooner than later!

"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people."

Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough."

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Winners Win... Losers Lose

Winners vs. Losers

The Winner is always part of the answer; The Loser is always part of the problem.

The Winner is always has a program; The Loser always has an excuse.

The Winner says, “Let me do it for you”; The Loser says, “That is not my job.”

The Winner sees an answer for every problem; The Loser sees a problem for every answer.

The Winner says,” It may be difficult but it is possible”; The Loser says,” It may be possible but it is too difficult.”

When a Winner makes a mistake and says,” I was wrong”; When a Loser makes a mistake and says,” It wasn’t my fault.”

A Winner makes commitments; A Loser makes promises.

Winners have dreams; Losers have schemes.

Winners say,” I must do something”; Losers say, “Something must be done.”

Winners are a part of the team; Losers are apart from the team.

Winners see the gain; Losers see the pain.

Winners see possibilities; Losers see problems.

Winners believe in win/win; Losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.

Winners see the potential; Losers see the past.

Winners are like a thermostat; Losers are like thermometers.

Winners choose what they say; Losers say what they choose.

Winners use hard arguments but soft words; Losers use soft arguments but hard words.

Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things; Losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.

Winners follow the philosophy of empathy: “Don’t do to others what you would, not want them to do to you”; Losers follow the philosophy, “Do it to others before they do it to you.”

Winners make it happen; Losers let it happen.

Author Unknown.

"Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs." Vaclav Havel.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It's our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.-Mary Lou Retton

"FAITH is the starting point of all accumulation of riches!
FAITH is the basis of all "miracles" and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science.
FAITH is the only known antidote for FAILURE.
FAITH is the element, the "chemical" which when mixed with prayer gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.
FAITH is the element which transforms the ordinary "vibration of thought" created by the finite human mind, into its spiritual equivalent.
FAITH is the only agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by humanity."

Napoleon Hill.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

Dale Carnegie.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"People who hurt you are just hurting your ego.... but they can never bring down your true self." Cole Morrison.