Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Business Choices... Getting Ready to Get Ready Syndrome

"Each moment offers of the choice of whether to separate or join. That is the only choice we have faced before and the only choice we will ever face. Unfortunately, we do not remember the pain of separation or the bliss of joining." Everyday Wisdom.

When you first had the idea of starting a business, you had an incredible burning "Why" desire. You knew exactly what you wanted to earn and what you would do with the money. You were excited of the prospect of you being the boss for a change.

Then, you searched and searched. Finally, you found the right business and products to fit you. You jumped in, very excited and started working. Or did you? Did you get to work right away or did you start by learning and learning and learning....? Also called: "getting ready to get ready."

"Getting Ready to Get Ready"
This is when you learn all you can, make many projects, and in the end, take no action. You might know it all but haven't used any of the information you learned or worked on.

Get rid of your "Getting ready to get ready" attitude with remembering why you joined or started your business in the first place.

  • Get back in touch with your Why: Why you got started in your business in the first place. Write it down, visualize, get emotional, get back in touch.
  • Remember that failure was never an option and isn't now!
  • Take one small step away from getting ready. Just take one action today, don't put it off another day longer.
  • Visualize your success and take more and more action. More action is fun!

Use your "joining" energy today, take action on your business, your home business or job, and be the most abundant action driven person!