Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Create a Simple Abundance Mentality

We all deserve abundance. Do you believe that? Just think, if you were to have plenty of money, you would choose how simple your life would be. You would choose the simple things in life or choose to "do it all," thus complicating life. Rather than achieving it all and complicating life from having plenty of money, let's look at the simple life, from achieving the simple abundance mentality.

This simple life would allow you to do what you want, when you want. Work when you want, employ partners or outsource. Vacation when and where you want. Give your kids all that you want to give them, without complicating their lives. And allow you to relax after a nice lunch date with a friend. Going out as you want, but not every night. That's achieving simple abundance.

Anyone can achieve simple abundance, it only takes daily practice and the right mentality. Here are some steps to achieving a simple abundance mentality that will lead you to your simple abundance:

1. Define what your simple abundant life would look and feel like.
2. Visualize this daily.
3. Write it down and repeat it daily.
4. Write down your actions that will lead to your abundance.
5. Mastermind with someone who is already there, a mentor.
6. Most important!!! Take action each and every day, keeping in mind that you are reaching for your simple abundant life. Not a special car or status symbol, but a simple and abundant lifestyle.

Each day, you will act as if you already have the simple abundant life. You will carry the simple abundance mentality with you as you take action on the tasks that will get you there. Start today and you will find yourself in a newly designed life sooner than later!


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