Thursday, August 20, 2009

If It's Not the Money, Then WHY Do We Do What We Do?

Your real “WHY” is never the money.

Answering these questions may help you find your “WHY”.
• What does your family mean to you?
• What do you want for your own personal growth?
• What you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
• What scares you to death?
• What would it mean to you to help others change their lives?

Take your time in answering these questions. You will find your reason why you do what you do, why you really want to do if you are not doing it, and how you really want to have some "fun."

Family: For most, family is the reason why they work from home, create additional income sources, work overtime, get more jobs or less work and spend less. We all want to be with family more and to have fun with them more. All this requires more money!

Personal Growth: If we are not learning, we have stopped living. Most of us want to continue learning and growing into better people. Maybe we want to learn more about our hobby or something scientific or how to help others. We always want to learn more! This requires time and time is actually something we buy or it buys us... With greater earnings, we can decide how we spend our time and with less, we have to work overtime.

Accomplishment: What would you really like to accomplish in this life? This takes a deep contemplation and meditation or maybe you already know it. Usually, it's something you are really passionate about. A huge accomplishment takes time, which is earned through money... yet another reason to have more money!

Fear: What are you really scarred about? Maybe you are currently living out your worst nightmare, working long hours and spending little time at home. Or creating huge debt. Maybe you are scarred to do something different than your friends and family? Maybe you are scarred to speak to someone, who seems bigger than you. We all have fears. It's all normal. It's what you do with them that really counts. If they paralyze you, then you stop growing and living to the fullest. Just face the fear and you will overcome!

Helping others means a lot!! Doesn't it feel great to help others?! To show others a better life or way of having fun or something else. Just visualize for a moment what you would do to help someone, write it down and act on it. Helping people takes time too and time is money. By creating more money, you will create more time to enjoy helping others!!

By now, you probably figured out your "WHY." Now take some action on your why and have an abundant life!