Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ultimate Success Formula for Business Professionals and Us Normal Folks

The ultimate success formula: Action.... Feedback.... Correction

Everyone makes mistakes. Business people, non business people, in regular lives make mistakes. It's what you do with mistakes that's most important. You can choose to be upset with your mistake and not try again. Or you could understand what happened and learn from the mistake.

Remember, it's a mis-take. You can change that! You can hit the ball this time, hit it far into the outfield. We all miss sometimes. Do we admit it? Do we understand why we miss something? Go ahead, admit your mistakes - it's ok!

This is how business professionals, marketers, sales professionals get real results and still make plenty of mistakes.

This is the ultimate success formula: Action... Feedback... Correction.
1. Take action now. Don't put it off, just do it.
2. Feedback: Understand and learn what happened from your mistakes and successes.
3. Correction: Take corrections after mistakes and make it better and better.

Use the ultimate success formula. You will find success today and always.