Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Law of Attraction - Desire Statement of Ideal Financial Situation

This desire statement of the ideal financial situation was created through the book, Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. Enjoy and join me on the path.

I am in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know or have to attract my ideal financial situation.

I love knowing that my ideal financial situation allows me to have and enjoy anything that I desire to bring more joy and freedom to my life.

I love how it feels when I see my savings account gets bigger and bigger while enjoying abundance and charity giving.

I am enjoying the feeling of abundance as sales come in consistently. I enjoy watching others enjoy the same abundance, also making consistent sales from their inner motivation and application of skills.

I love knowing that my ideal financial situation brings me comfort and knowledge that I can vacation and travel anytime and anywhere I want, enjoy dates whenever, and give my Lucas all the experiences we want. This makes me feel free and great.

I'm excited at the thought of easily contracting out home improvement expenses, enjoying our beautiful home from professional and quick beautiful improvements.

I love seeing myself enjoy the fruits of my labor, as I enjoy investing money, playing with our extra money, and showing people a better life.

The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me to my desire.


Aunt Em said...

Hi, Francesca! Do I keep myself in a constant mode of "it's coming but it never seems to get here" if I use the phrase "I am in the process of" ?? Aunt Em