Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Fear Stopping You from Success?

Are you afraid of calling someone for fear of what they might say?
Are you afraid of starting or continuing in a business?
Are you afraid of the next step of anything, a relationship, an athletic event, a business?

If so, you are letting you fear get the best of you and you are not living the fullest and being the most successful you can be. Something is stopping you and that is your mind telling your body not to do something. To freeze. To stop. To stay stuck. This is a terrible place to be.

Fear stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.

How do you overcome your fears? Here's some steps to overcoming your simplest to most difficult fears:

  • What is the worst that can happen to you if you do what you are fearful of? Be clear, what is really that bad. And you will find, it's not that bad at all!
  • Remember, life continues after you conquer your fear, no matter what happens.
  • You are in charge of your destiny, not someone else.
  • Just do it! You will find that you will grow from the experience and will be able to handle tougher problems as they present themselves.
  • If you don't do it, then what? You will remain stuck, non successful in some area of your life, and so on. So... you might as well deal with your fear and just do it!
  • Remember, when you fall down, you get back up. Be proactive and success, take action now!