Thursday, July 2, 2009

Receive Abundance in the Midst of Economic Unrest

You can become very abundant and wealthy during these times of economic uncertainty. So, don't let the media and many naysayers around you get you down. You are in charge of your destiny and your abundant mindset. You can make money and lots of it at all times. This is actually a great time to make money in very nontraditional ways.

Pour some daily abundant thinking into your life:
1. Affirmations: Think of an abundant word or something that you are on the path to attaining, and repeat it, contemplate it.
2. Media Fast: The media will get you down if you listen and take in too much of it. Get rid of most of it.
3. Think abundant: There is more than enough money in the world. Try to count the leaves on the trees, trees in a forest... you will discover that the world is abundant.
4. Write down specific measurable goals and read them daily. You will get there.
5. Read or listen to personal development books/Cd's/DVDs. You will find your mind changing to much more abundant, thus staying on the path of your intention.

Most importantly, surround yourself with abundant thinkers and an abundant masterminding community. Enjoy abundance today and everyday!!