Friday, September 25, 2009

Successful People Deserve It...

We are all successful. We all deserve what we set out to have in our lives.

But... What do you really want? Do you believe that you deserve it?

1. What do you really want? Clearly define what you want in your life that you don't already have. Maybe you want more time with your family, but what specifically does that mean? It may mean enjoying dinner every night with your family or enjoying weekends together. Clearly define it, so you can aim for your goal.

Time costs money. Therefore, any goal with time in it will cost you money to have it. Be clear on how much money days off with your family will cost you. You will then be able to put a dollar figure on your time and set a real goal.

2. Do you believe you deserve it? This is the point where many people might say, "of course, I deserve it." But without truly believing that more money or more time or whatever can really be yours, you will not get it. In a way, you are striving for a goal that will never be yours because you feel deep inside that you don't deserve it.

Start today with feeling that you deserve it. You can have as much as the next very successfully wealthy person. You are just as deserving to have a life by design, just believe it!

To your success and abundance!