Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inner Drive -- It Keeps You Going!

Inner drive is essentially motivation. It keeps you going no matter what is said, no matter the market, no matter what. It helps keep you on track to achieve your dreams and the lifestyle that you have always wanted. It's been said that drive starts because there is something that you want and don't have. Once you have it, the drive can disappear, as there is no reason do anymore. Your reason is accomplished and thus, the drive for that dream is no more unless, you find another dream to become driven toward. Think of your favorite athlete. What propels him or her to keep going under extreme stress to achieve their dream of the "gold" or 1st place? It's drive.

Your starts with you. It can already be part of you or it can be learned behavior. Some people are more passionate and some people aren't. Not to say, you can't be passionate. You can do anything you want.

Steps to Grow Your Inner Drive:

1. Drive is dependent on your belief in yourself, that you can do whatever you want.

2. From your belief, you then build the confidence to announce to the world that you are on your path to your dreams. You will actually achieve your dreams!

3. Your confidence propels you to use your abilities to fuel your passion and your drive.

4. Now, your drive grows and grows. You believe more in yourself, your abilities, and apply yourself more and more, fueling your drive toward success.

5. Along the path, you might find that you need to do more or learn more. With a strong inner drive, you will find yourself becoming more inventive, resourceful and will want to learn more and apply yourself in different ways. You grow more and more drive results.

6. Yes, you reached your desired result - dream - lifestyle - whatever drove you in the first place!! Finally there!

7. Last step: You choose a new dream to become passionate and driven about. Now that you accomplished your dream, you have full belief, confidence, ability, and above all, a greater drive to accomplished bigger dreams. Go for it!! Drive!! Drive!!