Thursday, March 26, 2009

Success Culture is the Winner

Let's go against the grain for a moment. Notice how many people want their own blog, want their own business, want to create and recreate a business, so that they can make money. But... what if that system is already created, already proven success that all you have to do is plug in, join the community and do what successful people are already doing.

Coming from a background and drive towards leadership, this thinking actually goes against the grain. It's great to come up with the next best thing, but think for a moment what your day to day will look like. You will have to be creative daily, you will probably be working alone, hoping that this great idea will pay off, and you will probably be lonely, which will lead you to hire a coach to assist your business goals.

If you plug into a system that has already stood the test of time, already made money, has training and marketing materials, then you won't be alone, won't be confused, and most likely, will be making money sooner than if you created your own next best thing!

  • Look for the track record.
  • Look for simplicity.
  • Look for support.
  • Look for the success culture.
If you hang out with people who are six figure earners and do what they do, you will receive the same one day - proven over and over. I enjoy masterminding with the inner circle. We have a blast and make money too!