Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Burning Desire Fuels Your Business

Before you go any further in your business, you must have a huge goal that can be named, your burning desire. The burning desire is what you will not live without, a new life, a more comfortable life, and maybe a trip. What do you really want to achieve through your business? Why did you choose to go into business? Most importantly, once you know what you want to buy or the life you want to have, be sure to put a price tag on it. You will fix that monetary value in your mind as your goal for the month, for the year or your longer term goal. You will know that is your measuring stick and will strive to reach it. Not only will the goal be on your mind all the time, it must be on paper in front of you. It must be visualized. It must be talked about in that there is no doubt this is happening, that you are indeed on the right path to enjoying the life or thing that your burning desire wants so badly. Finally, you must be exciting about being on the path to reaching your goal. Knowing that your goal will become your reality is exciting and powerful. You will have a different life, a fun time, or a high priced item that your burning desire wanted for a long time. Your excitement will flow to all you do and people will feel this excitement through any contact with you: emails, verbal, ads, articles, anything!

Here's a short burning desire or goal setting action list:
1. Be clear and very specific on your burning desire or goal. What do you really want?
2. Set a monetary value to what you want - monthly, yearly, longer term.
3. Write the goal out on paper, in a paragraph and a short sentence to be viewed everyday.
4. Tell people about your goal. Be sure to tell the people who believe in you first and foremost. Forget about the usual naysayers in your life.
5. Visualize it: sit down and run a movie in your mind of what your new life or thing will look like and most importantly, how you will feel.
6. Be excited and know you are on the path!

Be passionate about your burning desire and you will reach it!