Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joint Venture Partners Welcome!

The Joint Venture Partnership concept is one of the best marketing concepts yet. It's pretty simple and is very lucrative, as long as you pick your partners carefully. This is it in a nutshell: a JV partner will assist in the marketing and exposure of your business in exchange for half of each sale made from the campaign.
Since Joint Ventures partners only get paid after a sale is made from their efforts would want to do very little work to get the sale. They want to add onto their existing work by adding a link or a flyer or another commercial to take up a remnant for radio.

Two things are important to each partner: that the JV partner is good at marketing and exposure and that the commission is high enough to split 50-50, otherwise it won't make sense the proposed partner.

Some things to look for in a Joint Venture partner:

  1. Someone who already has a large list
  2. Someone who knows how to market and attract the needed exposure, in a short amount of time.
  3. Someone is looking for a creative way to make more money
  4. Radio or TV that are willing and popular - preferrably news talk and sports
  5. Any other marketing venues that attract many people with little work on the marketers part.

Here's the selling point for both:

  1. The JV partner does little work and gets paid well.
  2. The business owner reaches other audiences that otherwise might not have been reached.
  3. Both get paid and are happy! Let's get JVing!!

We have an awesome program for internet marketers, opportunity seekers, radio and others. Just email to let us know!