Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Time to Make a Sale is Right After a Sale!

Have you heard... the best time to make a sale is right after a sale?? It make sense. After you have made a sale, you feel awesome, accomplished, ready to accept more and more, ready to do more and more advertising and your creativity juices start running wild. Use this energy and make another sale.
Here's some quick ideas to use the energy you got from your sale:

  • Free ads: wow, they are all over the place. You will be attracting another sale just from the words you use in your ads. You are high energy, excited and full of belief that anything is possible. Convey that in your ads and marketing. It will definately come across!
  • Create a blog or article: Put out an article or free press release about the progress of your business. One day, maybe today, someone will resonate with your article and want to be part of the action. People want to be with others who are going some place.
  • Email your previous leads and team: Send an email to your leads, to people on the fence and your team to tell them how easy it was and that they can easily do the same. Anything is possible for everyone.
  • Do non-internet advertising: business cards, order pens, street signs. And on and on.
  • Smile: people will ask you why you are so happy. Easy, tell them you made a sale and your business is doing great. And, best of all, no childcare, work from home, but don't give them the whole enchilada or else they will feel like you are selling them. Let them chase your website down.
  • Be creative: Just sit back and think... what else can I do? Something amazing might come to you.
  • The top tip of all: Take more massive action. All these great ideas are wonderful but without action, they are just... ideas. And ideas don't make money. If you really want to make money, act on your great idea and make it happen.

Get out there and make another sale!
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