Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Totally unbiased article on the Reverse Funnel System . This is endorsed as the number 1 income opportunity. Read On!

The Ulitimate New Years Resolution: Your Own Home Business Opportunity World Page 14
It’s happening right now. No matter what the economy is doing or what the experts are telling you, all over the country, people just like you are leaving their jobs in favor of starting a prosperous and rewarding home-based business. In fact, take a moment and count to 11. How easy was that? Because every 11 seconds someone starts a business that allows them to work from home. That’s not to say that starting a home-based business is as easy as counting but, with the right tools, it can be.
The Facts
According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a whopping 15.1 percent of workers over the age of 16, or 20,673,000 people, worked at home. And this number has only increased in the past four years. Here are a few more facts that might be of interest:
l Forty to 44 percent of all home-based businesses require less than $5,000 for startup.
l Twenty percent of work-at-home businesses gross between $100,000 and $500,000 per year.
l Work-at-home businesses generate ann-
ual revenue of $427 billion – more than Chrysler, Ford and General Motors combined!
The Opportunity
As the economy struggles to rebound, many hardworking people are living in fear of losing their nine-to-fives. Some have already lost their jobs and are having a difficult time finding work in a shrinking job market. What these people need is an entrepreneurial wake-up call!
Many people daydream about owning their own business or working from home, but they’re hesitant to act because it seems like an unreachable goal with no guarantee of success. Enter the "Home-Based Biz Op!" Today, there are thousands of comprehensive turnkey opportunities just waiting for entrepreneurs to grab them up. Pre-packaged business opportunities offer access to support, education, marketing materials and everything else you need to get started for one flat fee. Also, you’ll know that your business has already had the benefit of market testing, research and refinement.
Starting your own home-based business is no longer a cubicle daydream. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 50 best and brightest home-based business opportunities we could find to give you a leg up on your search for a new career.
Some of the best home-based businesses are those based on tried and true business models that are long overdue for a 21st century update. The Reverse Funnel System is the cream of this crop, allowing sales entrepreneurs who used to live on the phone the option of making high-commission, vacation package sales through a fully automated system. Another is American Business Systems, which creates home-based businesses in the booming medical billing industry. Likewise, Uniglobe Travel agencies use their affiliate network to provide unique travel services to small- to medium-sized corporate accounts and to recreational travelers.
Technology is always a driving force in the small-business world, and, given technology’s rapid pace of development, small businesses are going to have plenty of future opportunities. Lightyear Wireless is a residual income opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to provide customers with the latest in communications technology through their own personal Web store. Another company embracing technology is Vehicle Tracking Solutions, a franchise opportunity that installs GPS tracking devices in company vehicles, allowing employers to monitor the location of their vehicles.
Despite the technological revolution that’s pushing small business, some of the best opportunities still come from fresh ideas and new innovations. Return-A-Pet has developed a registry system that makes it easy for the finders of lost pets to return them to their owner thanks to a toll free number on the animal’s tag. While Return-A-Pet has man’s best friend covered, someone still needs to look out for master. That job is going to eMed ID, a lucrative and satisfying franchise opportunity allowing entrepreneurs to provide their customers with a lifetime of medical history on one bracelet or keychain – a system that, in many cases, helps to save lives.
These are just a sample of the endless opportunities that await you when you finally resolve yourself to start a home-based business. So make the resolution to have it all: health, wealth and a couch in your office. This is one resolution that it will be a pleasure to keep. o