Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your Perception is Your Reality of Choice

You choose your reality every day by choosing your perceptions. A strong statement but think where your thoughts come from to form your perceptions. They come from your beliefs. And your beliefs not only form your perceptions, but also form your attitude that you show others.

You have a choice in how you see things. For example, marketing is challenging and I'm not good at it or marketing is fun. When you perceive yourself not good at something, your mind will search for a way to prove it. You will probably avoid marketing since you are not good at it, rather check emails, and rather do anything else. And finally, at the end of the day, you might get to it. But since you are tired and not happy about it, you will perceive it as drudgery and further confirm that you are not good at it and that everyone is so much better than you. What if you thought marketing was fun? You would do it first and be excited about the results you will get. Understand, that your perception forming a daily task will form the outcome or results.

Beliefs are our view or perceptions of the world -- notice how closely related your beliefs are to your perception. We each bring our own set of experiences and histories and fears to the table. No matter what the true reality is, our beliefs are much more powerful in forming our perception of the world.

You are in charge of choosing your perception of the world. When you perceive yourself as the person you really want to be, you will start acting like that person. Here are some steps to changing your limiting beliefs about yourself and changing your perception and attitude.

  1. Write down your top 3 limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving what you really want in your life. Take some time on this. i.e. I am not good enough at .... so I can't do ...
  2. How will you change your beliefs about yourself? i.e. I will work on ... so that I am the best at ... and achieve...
  3. Be selective who you listen to. Even the most loving and well meaning people give us advice that is tainted. Your perception here would be you can do anything, no matter what my mom and dad say. I am the best.
  4. Practice personal development to form an abundant and grateful heart.

You will find your perceptions changing about yourself as you change your beliefs. You will see yourself as the "CEO" of your company and do the actions that "CEOs" would take. You are in charge of your perception of your reality, so change your beliefs and your perception will change and your results will change too!