Sunday, February 1, 2009

Personal Growth Begins with You

You may have heard it before: be the best person and then invite others into your life to join you. We all can use personal growth products, books, cds, DVD, etc. We all are not there, whereever there is noone knows. If we are, we are nearly dead, so let's get to work! But, what if you were dead, what would people say about you? Would they even remember you? Would they remember you for the good or the bad? This is where you might start, what do you want to be remembered as? Define that person very well and take your time, you deserve it.

Next, find a personal development book to get you started, something you can relate with. There are so many. Pick up a book, like the Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews or The Secret by Rhonda Bryne or others. Read 20 or more pages a day and get into it.

Every day, vizualize the better you and write it down. You might want to be the best mom, the best dad, the most giving, and maybe, an entrepreneur or the best salesperson. Vizualize what this feels like, what people are saying about you, what life looks like.

Then, reach out for more books, seminars. Be sure to practice this daily or why bother! Just like going to religious services and not being nice -- doesn't make sense. You will get there, everyday a little closer.