Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Positive Thoughts Generate Wealth -- Negative Thoughts Kill Any Possibilities!

Our thoughts fuel all of our actions. They tell us what to do and what not to do. They attract people or push people away. Our thought put words into marketing and sales and our product. The fuel our income producing activities. Our thoughts are powerful, don't underestimate the power of positive thought.

How would you feel if you met the following people??
Have you been around someone who tells you all the day's woes? What a downer. Can you imagine being with that person?? No way!! Can you imagine being with an upbeat person, someone who has great things to tell you and is always smiling? Yes, introduce me!!

People want to be with a positive person, a positive leader. Positive thoughts will attract people to you as you conduct your business, thus creating your wealth. Your thoughts will propel you one way or the other. When you think negatively, you will push people away and when you are positive, people are attracted to you and want what you have, no matter what it is. You could be selling anything for any price and because of YOU, you will get the sale! Pretty amazing! Don't you know of a fun, positive person who attracts people and yet, may not really have the skills or product.... Yes, he's out there, taking your business. So, outsmart him or her. Be better. Be more fun. Be more positive and be more of a leader. Be the person that can charge any price for anything - they are buying you, your leadership and your positive, fun, and on the road to wealth attitude. You will see your business flourish and grow hugely!!If we want to make money, we need to remain positive, believe in our business, and know in our heart of hearts that it will flourish.

Top 10 Positive Attitude indicators... not in any order as all are important
  • fun people

  • leaders - many of them but not all..

  • smiles, hugs, and love

  • truth

  • hope

  • happiness

  • helpfulness

  • compassionate

  • blissful

  • students of personal development.
Enjoy your wealth, teach others, and be happy!