Tuesday, May 26, 2009

400+ Twitter Followers in a Long Weekend - Let's all be Friends???

I got 400 followers over the Memorial Day weekend, probably more. Most of them probably use autofollowers and auto tweets. How do I get to know all these people? I'm not bragging that I can get that many followers, not at all. There's a catch 22... I have over 3ooo followers, they keep on coming and then they come in droves on the same subject like nutrition or China or whatever. Maybe I'm getting put on a list... Take me off!

Let me ask, why do people want a ton of followers, many of which they wouldn't want to meet in the first place? And then they treat you with a bunch of autoresponders, a very impersonal tool.
Let's be friends - first, let's get to know each other, please! I really like to let people know of me on facebook , click that if you would like to know me there, so I confess, I let people know my facebook address via an autoresponder, but that's it. I welcome comments!!