Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marketing by Thinking Outside the Box

Marketing is all about creativity, testing, and changing it up. We must think outside the box to get the most effective use of our marketing. Let's get unstuck, creative, and be an effective marketer!

Here is a list of thinking outside the box marketing:

  • Mindset brainstorm - check your mindset for positive vibes and you will find you will also become creative.
  • Be outlandish and ridiculous - Take your marketing to a new and outlandish and ridiculous level.
  • Flip it - When you think of a problem, flip it around and never give up. The problem might be the best opportunity of all!
  • Get unstuck - Keep searching and the answer will come to you, this will take creativity and a positive mindset, so be sure to check in with your mindset to be sure you are an abundant thinker.
  • Develop ways to be creative - Be original, collaborate with other, use methods you are not using today, and more!
  • Think from another place - think like someone in your target market, put yourself in their shoes and go to their place for marketing.
  • Be real - Use words that resonate your authenticity.
  • Give the readers what they are looking for
  • Be an expert at what you already do - if you are an article writer, do it better. If you do PPC or pay per click, do it better and more.
  • Do social networks better and more creatively

There's so much to do and so much to learn to effectively market day in and day out. Think outside the box, mastermind with like minded and earn!