Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leaders are Not Born but Created

Anyone can be a leader, yes, even you!

Here's a small list of traits of a leader:

  • Leaders make daily, weekly, monthly actionable goals. And take action on their dreams and inspirations.
  • Leaders are inspired daily and give inspiration to others, others happily follow a leader who is inspiring and who walks the talk.
  • Leaders think big and do big things. They want big things, living a life and dream without limits.
  • Leaders believe they can achieve, without question. They don't listen to naysayers and dream stealers, as they are simply a waste of precious time and energy.
  • Leaders make affirmations a habit. Meaning they say positive things to themselves daily, reinforcing their belief and their future inspired direction.
  • Leaders pay thyself first. This must be as there is no person who is more excited and concerned over your goals than yourself. Pay yourself first, and you will be able to enjoy giving to those you love and those who also follow you. Too much fun to give!!
  • Leaders love to give, love to help others achieve similar results, as long as they are taking action and are also on the path to becoming a leader.